That Chocolate Historian you’ve seen on the television

If you’ve recently seen me pop up in a documentary and you’re wondering “Where have I seen that Chocolate Historian on the television before?” you can now check out the full list on by following this link.

My latest appearances on the Channel 5 show The Wonderful World of Chocolate are available to watch again through the Channel 5 catch up service on their website.

Recording the Antiques Roadshow in 2011
The Antiques Roadshow, York 2011/ Copyright Penny Hutchinson 2011

If you haven’t caught up yet with the second series of the hit BBC Podcast You’re Dead To Me then why not start with the episode on the history of Chocolate. I had an absolute blast recording this with Greg Jenner and Richard Osman before the lockdown, and I highly recommend the rest of the series too.

Recording the Chocolate episode of You're Dead to Me with Greg Jenner and Richard Osman
You’re Dead To Me on BBC Sounds/ Copyright Greg Jenner 2020 (I stole this off Greg’s twitter because I didn’t want to clog his inbox with permission requests. @Greg I’ll totes take this down if you want me to. Also, thanks for having me it was a BLAST! x)

Sometimes you’ll see me appear under my given name of Alex Hutchinson, and sometimes you’ll see me appear under my pen name Penny Thorpe. There isn’t really any logic to this, and I’m as confused by it all as you are, but not as confused as my dad; he’s more confused by this than anyone because my mum’s name is also Penny.

When I first started out in my career (more than a decade ago) I was the only Chocolate Historian on the television, but my dream is to build up more of us so that one day we can have a conference, or maybe even a Christmas party. I haven’t worked out how to do this yet, but watch this space, because once I’ve formulated a plan I’ll post it here.