I specialise in helping businesses make the most of their history, but there’s no one-size-fits-all approach; all of these things are cool and I can help you with them:

  • Creating a digital archive of your brand from scratch by partnering with museums and archives who have the material you need (that’s right, if your brand is old but you have no archive material we can still make you an archive)
  • Researching your brand or business heritage to put on brand immersion days for your teams, agencies, or customers
  • Researching and writing a book or souvenir guide about your business
  • Building up a portfolio of heritage content to use throughout the year across all of your digital channels
  • Using your heritage to create good news and PR
  • Working through culturally sensitive archive material and building an action plan to heal old wounds so that you can begin sharing your records with researchers
  • Outsourcing heritage materials that you currently hold and value, but can’t care for in-house anymore
  • Assessing archive materials that you’ve found bricked up in a wall cavity, and have literally no idea what to do with
  • Making a huge, in-house archive with a fleet of archivists

Things that are not cool and that I don’t help businesses with:

  • Shredding their archives
  • Selling their archives
  • Feeding their archives to mice through neglect

I’m an expert in the history of chocolate and confectionery manufacture (with coffee and food as a minor). I’ve appeared on a lot of TV and radio programs, but I do a lot behind the scenes as well. If you need research advice do get in touch with me (but also check with Dr Annie Gray because she is The Master).

I have a scale of charges depending on the scope of your project. Email me a brief and I’ll give you a quote.

Want to hire me to motivate your team, but not really sure what you want me to do? Take a look at my About Me page to see some of the things I get up to.

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