Joseph Terry (snr)

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1793 — Joseph Terry (Snr) born. Son of a farmer.

Apprenticed as an apothecary. After serving his apprenticeship he set up shop in Walmgate.

1796 — Bayldon & Berry set up in partnership.

1823 — Joseph marries Harriet Atkinson (sister-in-law of “young Berry”)

1824 — Bayldon & Berry moved from Bootham to St. Helen’s Square

1825 — by 1825 “Bayldon had dropped out, Robert Berry died, and his son together with Joseph became partners under the style of Terry and Berry, with a third member, Mr Coultherd.”

1828 — Berry (Jnr) retired.

1830 — Coultherd “followed” Berry (retirement?).

1830 — Joseph Terry “was on his own”. “Apothecary, baker, confectioner and peel importer.”

1830 — Terry’s premises: a small factory down Brearley Yard, front shop on St. Helen’s Square.

1840 — Joseph was sending his products to 75 towns all over the North of England, into the Midlands, and as far south as Luton and London.

1850 — Joseph Terry (Snr) died.


Issue: five sons.